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Hawaii Luau Authority is a comprehensive resource dedicated to providing detailed insights and recommendations on the best luaus across Hawaii, focusing on Oahu, Maui, Big Island, and Kauai. Leveraging years of experience and numerous visits to each luau, the website offers expert reviews and guidance to help visitors choose the most authentic and enjoyable luau experiences. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly luaus, cultural performances, or traditional feasts, Hawaiian Luau Authority is your go-to guide for planning an unforgettable Hawaiian celebration.

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On Oahu, luaus are a great way to experience Hawaiian culture. They usually include traditional Hawaiian food, like roasted pig and poi, and feature hula dancing, fire knife performances, and live music.

Some popular luaus on Oahu are the Polynesian Cultural Center, Paradise Cove, and Germaine’s Luau. Each offers a unique setting and special activities, from lei making to canoe rides. These events are perfect for learning about Hawaiian traditions while having fun with family and friends.

Aloha Kaui ~ Sea Life Park Luau

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